Little Stars by Jacqueline Wilson










Escaping from Tanglefield’s travelling Circus with her good friend Diamond, Hetty Feather is determined to find them both positions as glamorous music hall artists. Their dream is realised, as Hetty and Diamond become the little stars of Mrs. Ruby’s show, alongside many vibrant acts including an old friend from Hetty’s past, called Flirty Bertie. However their ne lives become dangerous and Hetty must fight to preserve Diamond’s motivation, as her friend begins to seek the normal life that she has always desired. Will Hetty become a true star?

Dame Jacqueline Wilson is mammoth character within the literature world, after evoking classic works such as ‘The Story of Tracey Beaker’. Wilson creates intricate narratives and is a leading writer within the children’s literature genre. In her long and distinguished career Wilson has claimed awards such as the Smarties Prize and the Guardians Children’s Fiction Prize, but will ‘Little Stars’ aid her in her quest for more acclaim?

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