Liverpool fascist march

A fascist march expected to take part in Liverpool next Saturday will be attended by members of the Green party who aim to create a counter-demonstration in protest.

On Saturday 15 August, Manchester Green Party will stand in defiance of a planned march by National Action, a neo-nazi youth organisation, through Liverpool City Centre.

The Green Party will join antifascist groups, trade unions and MPs to challenge National Action and promote Liverpool’s multiculturalism.

Kieran Turner Dave, who stood in Manchester Central said, “English, white, right-wing terrorism has been escalating despite minimal coverage in the mainstream media.

“A year on from the murder of Lee Rigby racial and religious hate crime has increased by 65%, with British Asians the most likely to be victims.

“We need to recognise that extremism is found in all cultures, and poses a threat to everyone in society.

“We must educate our young people to criticise and challenge anyone that seeks to promote hatred and further inter-cultural division.”
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