Local boy, 8, clinches Jet Singh English Championships title

Manchester’s Marshall strikes gold in Jet Singh English Championships

Freestyle Olympic wrestler Marshall Everett-Jones has become the English champion in the 32kg group.

The 8-year-old who weighed-in at 31.5kg had to wrestle 4 opponents in the one-day tournament held in Slough.

Impressively, Marshall has now won many medals and is set to become the British champion of his weight class soon.

Marshall, whose love for wrestling came after watching WWE shows, won gold in Slough – a title he will hold for a year.

His mother, Fiona told TNT News, “It make me feel so incredibly proud. All the hard work, the early mornings, the costs which are quite a lot and we have to pay ourselves, are worth it when you see your child up there with his medal”.

She added that Marshall, is humble with it all. “It doesn’t get to his head. He just puts his head down and gets on with things”.

Although Marshall is 8, he was put in the tournament of ages 10 and 11.

Fiona will be taking Marshall and his older brother Taylor, 9, who also wrestles, to the next competition in Wolverhampton on 11 July.

The pair will also take part, although separately, in the British championships in Cardif this December.

In the meantime, Fiona will be taking her children on a well-deserved break to Turkey, before the next tournament in Wolverhampton.

We at TNT would like to congratulate Marshall and wish him continued success in the future. He, along with his siblings – Taylor and Bailey, 4 – are an inspiration.

TNT Sport Yasin Chinembiri

Photo Credti: Fiona Everett-Jones

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