Local Didsbury gym caters for women’s needs

It’s no secret that many women who would love to get fit or lose weight find themselves avoiding the gym.

This is often due to feeling intimidated by the judgement they could receive from a room full of muscular men. Women have a variety of gym-related worries. Some feel that men would stare whilst they were working out and others aren’t confident in using the equipment – just to name a couple.

Waterside Leisure Club in Didsbury works to combat these fears. For over ten years they’ve had a ‘ladies only gym’ as part of their facilities, which is only accessible via the women’s changing rooms.

TNT spoke to commercial manager Alice and marketing consultant Keith about the benefits of their ladies only gym:

“Often women want to start gently and build up their confidence. They find that the ladies gym is a much better environment to do this in. When they do build their confidence up, some women choose to then start using the general gym”.

Alice and Keith spoke about the impact the gym has had on their overall membership numbers:

“Our membership is actually 55% women and 45% men, which is a lot to do with our ladies only facilities. It’s also down to the wide range of classes we have on offer that attract women.

“We work to remove as many barriers as we can for people out there who want to keep fit. Making sure we have the ladies facilities removes one of these barriers”.

Waterside Leisure Club prides itself on its responses to customer feedback:

“We know that these days there are more women who want to do weightlifting. We’ve had feedback about a lack of this in the women’s gym and in response we’ve recently refurbished the gym and included this equipment”.

The gym also has female personal trainers. They’ve found that a lot of women feel more comfortable in completing their goals with female assistance.

It’s fantastic that there’s a local gym for women to work out in where they can feel completely at ease.

TNT Lifestyle Natasha Dunn

Photo Credit: Amanda Mills

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