Local man with learning disability is AGM of Arndale’s YO! Sushi

Hulme’s Xavier Hinds propels upwards despite learning disability challenges

Xavier Hinds, a local man with Dyslexia, has not only been awarded the AGM Award of the year for 2016, but has similarly become the AGM of Yo Sushi in the Arndale Centre.

Hinds, who was born and raised in Hulme in Manchester, has said that one of the most challenging parts of growing up was the mental state his learning disability caused him to have. He said that he often questioned his abilities when comparing himself to other people.

The 29-year-old says that his achievements today are down to the hard work and determination that made him realise that he could overcome what he initially thought were tough struggles.

Xavier has worked for Yo!Sushi for just under 6 years. Starting out as a team member, he has quickly worked his way up the ladder, doing as much as he could, wherever he could.

“Hard work pays off always”

After being awarded the AGM of the year award, he said he felt peace of mind knowing that the work that he put in was being acknowledged.  Additionally, knowing that he was being respected for everything that he put into the company and within the team, gave him a sense of merited comfort.

Overcoming the challenges his learning difficulty once presented, he is an inspiration to others. He told TNT News that he “tries to live his life with the mindset of continually trying to help other people out – treating people like humans.

Xavier added that what is central to his ethos is his drive to “support others and push them forward to help them achieve what they want to achieve”.

When asked whether he believes he has exceeded his expectations, Xavier reminisced about his thought process growing up, regarding his career. “I never had a solid image or dream of what I wanted to do when I grew up, always doubted myself – but wanted to be successful”, he told TNT News. He admitted, however, that he believes he has exceeded what he thought that he could.

“Anyone can do anything, but anyone can’t do everything”. “It’s a case of taking baby steps and continually moving forward and progressing”, Xavier summed up.

Imparting some words of encouragement and advice for others, Xavier urged everyone to embrace their uniqueness, regardless of societal norms.

“Look around at the multicultural diverse city” and nation that we are in, no one is the same, and “everyone has their own handicaps”, Xavier said.

He concluded that putting that aside and setting yourself a goal and going out of your way to get it, should be the focal point for everyone.

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