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Local man to launch ‘Mix-d’ haircare range

Mix-d’ is a unisex haircare range, specifically formulated for mixed and curly hair.

Self-funded by Hulme’s very own Bradley Lincoln, Mix-d’ has been a social enterprise for over 10 years.

It is developed by a brand called Mix-d’ (pronounced mixed) – a 10-year-old social enterprise that has developed resources for schools and educational professionals around the subject of mixed race identity.

“This is 10-year-old this year. It was developed in a response to interactions with young people and families from mixed-race backgrounds who had a range of questions but there wasn’t anywhere they could go to find answers to those questions”, Bradley told TNT News.

Originally the conversations were around terminology and how people can build a full identity around their mixed identity.

“There were questions about day to day experiences such as hair care for a white mother who is inexperienced with afro or curly mixed hair. It was a response to questions from the general public and young people. Which made me do some research to see which products where available on the marketplace.”

“I soon realised that actually we mostly import our products from the US.

“You will tend to find that European hair products are too drying; and black identity hair products tend to be too oily.

“European hair holds moisture and tighter African hair loses moisture, so you need a balance of the two,” Bradley explained.

Prior to starting Mix-d, Bradley had done a number of fashion shows called Mix-d’ face. This was a model competition held twice in Manchester, once in 2010 and 2011. The competition was sponsored by Harvey Nichols, Sassoon and Boss model agents.

Whilst working with Sassoon hairdressers, Bradley realised that while they are very professional, they also struggle to understand how to cut, shape and style mixed, curly hair. So, Bradley effectively identified a gap in the market and created his haircare range. He added that it is also there to compliment the choices already on the shelves.

‘A commercial response to the conversation’

“Most hair products are targeted towards either mono-heritage European white audience or mono-heritage African black audience. Then you tend to separate yourself in order to fit-in in terms of brands and categories. I want a product that speaks of everything you are; incorporating your father and mother”, he added.

In terms of the products, Bradley is starting off with two products. The first is a leave-in conditioner, and the second is a moisture spray. The former is a styling product you can use on wet or dry hair. It has a 3-in-1 formulation, with a curl activator, a moisturiser and defrizz formula.

The long-term vision for Bradley is to be the UK’s leading best-selling haircare product for mixed and curly hair. To develop a UK-owned brand and a company that people are proud to support.

“We have been doing work in this subject area for 10 years; all our work is community-educational based. Mix-d is a commercial response to the conversation.”

TNT Business

Photo Credit: Bradley Lincoln

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