London Bridge attack kills seven

London Bridge attack: Capital attacked again just over 24 hours ago but back to work already

Three men behind an attack that left seven dead and 48 injured were killed by police gunfire on 3 June.

The murderers drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge. Following this, they launched into a knife rampage, before being killed by eight officers. Firing an ‘unprecedented’ 50 bullets, the officers reportedly took the men out in just eight minutes.

Some 21 survivors remain in hospital and 12 accomplices have been arrested over the atrocity.

Assistant Metropolitan commissioner Mark Rowley praised his officers for chasing down the killers. The murderers wore fake suicide belts in an apparent effort to deter people from tackling them.

‘I am humbled by the bravery of an officer who will rush towards a potential suicide bomber thinking only of protecting others, he said.

The PM Theresa May said: ‘The police responded with great courage and great speed’. The attack began just before 10pm on Saturday 3 June. Many people were out enjoying one of the warmest nights of the year and watching the Champions League final.

The killers drove north over the bridge in a white van hired from B&Q. They performed a U-turn and ploughed into pedestrians at 50mph.

‘If you imagine an S shape, they did that about three times up and down London Bridge, veering on and off the pavement’, survivor Holly Jones said.

Brad Myers added: ‘I watched a person jump off the bridge and into the water [Thames river] about halfway down the bridge to escape the vehicle’.

Following the initial carnage, the three attackers leapt out of the van – reportedly leaving an empty vodka bottle in the back – outside the Barrowboy & Banker pub.

Unprecedented attack at a fast pace across England

They then ran through Borough Market, stabbing people as they went. As the crowded market was gripped by panic, couple Ben and Natalie saw one killer casually stabbing a victim outside Southwark Tavern.

Ben said the man ‘was being stabbed quite coldly and slumped to the ground’.

As the shooting began when officers arrived, people in cars and on foot were shooed away by officers. A man was seen coming out of a restaurant with a napkin on his neck with blood pouring out.

Police are reported to have caught up with the killers at the Wheatsheaf pub, where they were smashing the windows to get in.

Many commentators on social media are questioning why England is under attack and especially why now. The unprecedented level of attack at a fast pace across England during the run-up to the elections on 8 June has become a key discussion point.

TNT’s thoughts and prayers are with all the innocent victims of this attack.

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Photo Credit: Sky News

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