Louis Smith faces ban for mocking Islam – Watch

After a video of Olympic gymnast Louis Smith emerged and caused religious controversy, he has received a two-month ban from British Gymnastics.

The video featured Smith and ex-fellow Gymnast Luke Carson appearing to mock Islamic prayer practices. Many were outraged by the footage and it has been reported that the athlete even received death threats.

Smith has since released a public apology for his behaviour from his Twitter account, captioned “an apology from me”.

He said: “I want to say sorry for the deep offense I have caused and to my family who have also been affected by my thoughtless actions”.

The news of a two-month ban as Smith’s punishment has sparked a debate around whether he actually did anything wrong. Many are claiming that if he had mocked Christianity, there would have been no fuss made.

@jesuisturnip shared their opinion on the matter, tweeting: “British Gymnastics are an absolutely disgrace. Supporting medieval blasphemy laws over free speech. Hang your heads in shame”.

Some however agree with the ban, standing by the opinion that his behaviour was offensive.

@BradMcManus tweeted: “Louis Smith ranking highly in the dumb stakes. First that awful topknot then a racist video on Snapchat. What’s he got planned next, crocs?”

What do you think? Is mocking a religion racist? Does he deserve his punishment? Or should we all be able to share our thoughts on religion freely?

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Photo Credit: Loose Women

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