Louis Van Gaal: Keep or sack?


It is no secret that football has one of the most grey-hair-inducing roles in any career and in particular, that of being a top flight manager.

So far this season we have witnessed 5 managerial casualties in the Premier League. Most notably, Jose Mourinho (Chelsea), Brendan Rodgers (Liverpool), Garry Monk (Swansea), Dick Advocaat (Sunderland) and Tim Sherwood (Aston Villa); it’s been a rough year. The question is, should Manchester United keep or sack their manager Louis Van Gaal (LVG)?

When in crisis, the credit managers deserve is often forgotten. The Dutchman for example has stabilised United especially after the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson and the ill-fated 10-month reign of David Moyes. Whilst doing this, he guided the club back into the Champions League – albeit briefly.

LVG’s side stretched to eight matches without a win following the 0-0 draw with Chelsea at Old Trafford, but the stalemate did at least put an end to a run of four consecutive defeats they gifted their fans just before Christmas.

The fans want him out, there’s no debating the issue according to them. If the Dutchman is kept to the conclusion of his contract, which ends after next season, it rules out any possibility of bringing in the most desirable coach in world football, Pep Guardiola. It also rules out the possibility of appointing a proven and available winner like Jose Mourinho.

After finishing 6th in 2015; the writings may be on the wall for LVG – he may end up being the 6th manager to get the chop in the league this season. If United sack him, it will undoubtedly release the pressure and discontent hanging over Old Trafford. Ultimately this will give the Reds a fresh start after a fruitless period following the departure of Ferguson in 2013.

If Giggs is chosen to replace LVG, the club would be bringing in someone with no managerial experience other than a short spell in charge following Moyes’ dismissal. There are no guarantees he would make a success of the job. The quick turnover of managers breeds instability, and moves the club further away from the security and strategy that allowed Ferguson to survive an initial shaky spell before enjoying 26 years in charge.

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