Love Island – what’s all the fuss about?

Anybody who has access to a TV set or the internet will know what Love Island is. If not, they’ve probably been living under a rock for the last year.

Love Island’s season 2 is in full swing, and has involved lots of laughs and romance, but also arguments and tears; exactly what the audience want. But how can an audience want to watch a bunch of highly-attractive singletons thrown onto a luxurious island together and ‘couple up’ every week.

Is that a thing?

The virtual world of social media has literally been taken over by the reality show. But the question is, why? As human beings, it is natural for us to take interest in other lives. But to the point where our lives begin to revolve around those we don’t even know?

Of course, reality TV is entertaining and the contestants on the show will have had the experience of a life time. However, for some, watching couples have the same arguments over and over again isn’t as entertaining as it may seem.

The title ‘Love Island’ connotates respectful and meaningful relationships. Whilst in reality, contestants are made to re-couple up once a week and share a bed with their new partner.

One couple are named as the overall winners of the series. Whilst to some watching the winning couple claim their cash prize and newly found fame doesn’t seem justified for them relaxing and arguing in a luxury villa for a month.

Of course, with Love Island being one of the most watched shows on ITV, it is a massive success and doesn’t seem set to get axed just yet!

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