The Lowry Restaurant Manchester – A la carte heaven

Among the most prominent and earliest attractions to grace the diverse Salford Quays in manchester. The Lowry is one of the North West’s cultural hotspots. Boasting two theatres, a bar and hidden away at the back, a little gem of a restaurant.

The restaurant is a sunny, pleasant and airy place with plenty of space, if not a tad bright. The kitchen is in full view. The enchanting aroma of the food and the artistry of the chefs is in plain sight.

The staff were very friendly. Calm, insightful and well-numbered, they made us aware of our choices without the pressure you can find elsewhere.

The menu was a la carte, an intriguing selection. For each of the three courses, every dish was perfectly formed and presented. For starters we chose the warm caramelised onion and tomato quiche, rocket pesto. Leagram’s Lancashire curd cheese, pine nuts and the smoked salmon, horseradish panna cotta, beetroot salad, caper berries.

The sun dried tomatoes add great flavour to a well-formed quiche, itself a delicate balance of cheese and onion. The salmon was zesty, bursting with flavour and the capers added plenty of energy, accented perfectly against the panna cotta. The starters had great weight and balance, leaving us perfectly poised for round two.

The main course consisted of lamb rump, herb sausage, black pudding, sweet potato cake, artichoke puree, garlic jus. Whilst the roast sea bass, boasted, crushed new potatoes, peas, broad beans, celery, asparagus, herb veloute.

The sea bass had a subtle creaminess and tasted divine alongside a British summer veg ensemble.

The lamb had a variety of flavours and was so tender. Accompany this robust meat was the well-seasoned sausage and black pudding with the balsamic vinegar tantalising your taste buds.

The summer menu shows a clear vision in the flavours, freshness and quality of ingredients. The food was locally sourced, particularly the fish and cheese.

If you find yourself at the Quays then this is a great place to dine. The restaurant suffers only from the fact it’s often side-tracked by visitors as an afterthought of the theatre itself.

TNT Food & Drink

Food ****

Service *****

Ambience ***


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