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M.I.A goes to war with PSG over music video

Late last year, London rapper M.I.A released a politically-themed music video named ‘Borders’. In it, she and a group of refuges climbed electric fences, crammed themselves into tiny boats and sailed across the sea.

‘Borders’ seems to be making reference to the recent EU migration crisis; with the biblical waves of Syrian refugees fleeing war-torn Syria in huge droves to Europe.

In one scene she is pictured wearing an altered Paris Saint-Germain football jersey, with the sponsor Fly Emirates’ logo changed to “Fly Pirates”. Well it seems as though this video has gotten her into hot water with the French football club, prompting them to send a letter, which she shared on social media.

A section of the letter reads, “We had the unpleasant surprise to find that the singer, in this video clip, appears twice wearing the official jersey of our team. More than being surprised, we simply do not understand why we are associated, through our logo and official jersey of our team’s players, to such denunciation”.

M.I.A then went on to reply to the letter in a series of tweets and even argued that she wore the jersey to support the victims of the horrific Paris attacks. The musician wrote on social media, “BORDERS came out the day of Paris Memorial Day ceremony for victims of Paris attack. Having an Eiffel Tower on my tee was support I thought”.

What do you think? Is it an over reaction from the football club considering the amount of sport artists who wear sports jerseys in their music video, or is M.I.A wrong for using the football club’s jersey to fuel her agenda?

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