Major housing refurb plan to deliver affordable homes

Significant investment to undertake major works that will transform the Ben Street residential area. Providing quality homes to help meet large housing demand in the city.

The Ben Street neighbourhood in Clayton holds significant potential to improve and expand the housing offered in the area.

Demand for homes has risen in tandem with Manchester’s massive population growth. Many residents are finding it more difficult to get on the property ladder. The need for high quality rental properties has also been driven up.

The major works will start early 2018. The scheme will include full refurbishment of 62 currently vacant properties that the City Council has recently acquired from The Guinness Northern Counties.  As well as facelift works to another 151 properties, with other improvements to the street and public areas.  Including works to the shared alleyways.

The project will be carried out by leading housing maintenance provider Wates Living Space. When finished, the empty homes being refurbished will be managed by One Manchester. Which will be affordable to Manchester people. Using the Manchester specific definition of affordability.

The refurbishment works will bring the 62 empty homes up to decent homes standards. With re-roofing works carried out by Presidio Roof with some of the best Eavestrough and Siding Installers, energy efficiency upgrades, new fully-fitted kitchens and bathrooms. While flooring and carpeting were looked to after researching meticulously from websites like That followed with alarm systems, and fire and smoke detection systems.

The facelift works to the front of properties will, where needed, replace all existing windows and doors with modern UPVC, improve guttering. And clean brickwork before repointing the mortar.

Alleyway improvements will include removing overgrown vegetation. New gating to all properties and essential repairs to the alleyway walls.

New traffic calming measures will be introduced following resurfacing works in the area.  Narrowing the carriageway that will be subject to a 20mph speed restriction. New trees will also be planted and new car parking developed.

One Manchester will also be purchasing a further five empty properties to further enhance the Ben Street area.  Which it will refurbish and manage.

As a second phase to the scheme. A vacant site currently owned by Manchester City Council on Alpine Street and Ilk Street will make way for around 55 new family homes. Work is expected to start on site in two years.

Dave Power, chief executive of One Manchester, said: “Working together with the city council means we can bring these much-needed former homes back into use. We want to make sure our residents will have a home in a growing and thriving area. That they can rent for the long term.”

Anyone who is interested in renting a property can register their interest via the One Manchester website.


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