‘Make Rape Legal’ Roosh V in Manchester this weekend

Some of you may remember the controversial American pick-up artist Daryush Valizadeh – a.k.a Roosh V – from Reggie Yates’ BBC Three Documentary, Extreme UK: Men At War.

Well whether you do or not, the man is coming to Manchester this weekend, where he has organised an international meet-up for his followers in the city centre. The thing is, Manchester is not having any of it.

When news was leaked that the 36-year-old anti-feminist will be in Manchester on 6 February, fuming Mancunians reacted on social media – protesting against his planned visit and expressing their rage.

Ok so for those still unaware of who this man is; Roosh V wrote a widely criticised article last year calling for the legalisation of rape on private property as a way to “defeat rape culture”. He has since said the post was satirical.

He has also created the Return of Kings group, supporting an agenda that men are superior to women and oppressed by feminism.

Roosh V is due to hold meetings in eight different UK cities, including a gathering outside Sinclair’s Oyster Bar in Manchester this Saturday.

It is believed the group will meet at the pub’s entrance at 8pm before moving to a secret location at 8.20pm. Though the pub’s bosses have said the group won’t be welcome inside and would be turned away.

Valizadeh, 36, from Washington DC penned a book titled Bang: The Pickup Bible That Helps You Get More Lays and Bang Iceland, “a travel guide designed to help you sleep with Icelandic women in Iceland without paying for it”.

One furious protester, Joanne Pearce said, “Absolutely disgusting! Only this week we read about a 16 year old girl being gang raped, is this moron actually saying that that was ok??? I lose more and more faith in human nature everyday! Surely the Council/Police can do something about this, is it not incitement???”.

Meanwhile momentum is gathers for protests in Scotland where SNP MP Owen Thompson has also written to the Home Secretary calling Roosh V to be prevented from entering the UK, although there is no suggestion he is planning to come to Scotland.

A petition urging the Scottish government to Stop Roosh V being allowed to “promote his hateful violent views” in Scottish cities has gained more than 40,000 signatures.


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Photo Credit 1: Bartek Kucharczyk David Dixon

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