Male contraceptive jab 96% effective

A new male contraceptive jab has hit the news claiming to be 96% effective. The jab has proved itself to be almost as effective as the female contraceptive pill.

A study has been done on the jab and published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. It was conducted on over 300 men who were engaging in long-term relationships. They were given injections every 8 weeks to reduce their sperm count and therefore prevent pregnancy.

The number of men who achieved the required sperm count number by 24 weeks was 274. Of these 274 men, 4 pregnancies occurred during the study.

Richard Anderson, a professor of clinical reproductive science and author of the study has compared the jab to other methods. “If you’re comparing it to other reversible male methods, it’s far better than the condom”.

There is as ever a downside to the contraception, in the form of some unpleasant side effects. Almost half of the men developed acne during the study and 1 in 5 experienced mood disorders. Some men also experience an increased sex drive and 20 men decided to pull out of the study.

It was also a worry that a small number of the men didn’t return to their normal sperm count. This was the case after being free of the injections for a year. However, it has been suggested by the scientists that there could be a way to prevent the side effects.

Research is now being done to try to conduct a study using the contraception in a gel form. Men could be able to rub the gel on their chests, rather than having to have a jab. It has been deemed too difficult at this time to make the contraceptive into a pill.

75% of the men studied stated that they would continue to use this form of contraception, despite the concerns.

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