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Man jailed for filming court proceeding

A man who photographed and filmed court proceedings on his mobile phone has been jailed.

Jack Towes of Hunwick Close, Middlesbrough, was sentence, earlier this month. Mr Towes has been jailed for three months after pleading guilty at Minshull Street Crown Court.

Towes was watching a family member’s hearing and was seen by a court usher to use his mobile phone to take still images and video footage of the courtroom and trial from the public gallery.

He was arrested at the scene and initially attempted to deny the phone was his, before eventually accepting guilt.

Court Officer, Constable John Ennis, said: “Unfortunately cases such as this are becoming more and more commonplace.

“Towes cannot even plead ignorance in this case, as part of the video footage taken on his phone involves him pointing the camera at the sign which explicitly forbids cameras and recording equipment in the court building.

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