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A man who deliberately knocked a moped rider off of his bike before driving over his leg has been jailed. 25-year-old Roger Balint of Rochdale pleaded guilty to causing serious injury by dangerous driving at Minshull Street Crown Court on 4 January.

On Thursday 10 march he was jailed for two years and was also disqualified from driving for three years. Balint and the 25-year-old victim, who had been on separate sides of a feud also involving the victim’s brother and Balint’s girlfriend, met by chance at a Co-op store on Rooley Moor Road, Rochdale, on 30 April 2014.

The pair immediately recognised each other and Balint started grinning at the victim, before quickly leaving the store. The victim, who felt uneasy about the odd reception that he had received from Balint, decided to drive home to avoid any conflict. As he walked outside, the man noticed Balint sitting in the driver’s seat of a Ford Mondeo. The pair stared briefly at each other before the victim jumped on to his moped and started driving away.

As he started his journey, the victim heard the screeching of tyres behind him as he turned on to Brotherhod Hall Road, he looked to see what was causing the noise. To his alarm, he saw that Balint was driving very closely behind him. The victim sped up to nearly 40mph in an attempt to distance himself from Balint’s car, but as he did so the Mondeo struck the back bumper of his moped. The collision left the victim sprawled out across the road, allowing Balint to deliberately drive over his leg before speeding away.

Balint caused catastrophic injuries to the 25-year-old’s legs, which required him to be in hospital for a significant period as he underwent surgery. The offender went on the run, before the force’s Critical Wanted Unit eventually tracked him down 16 weeks later at an address in Middleton.

Detective constable Russ Clarke has stated, “Balint evaded capture for several months but today he has finally faced the consequences of his actions. Balint chased down him down at 40mph and drove over his legs in a vehicle that weighed in the region of one and a half tons. Balint then drove away from the area and disposed of the vehicle, which has never been located or recovered, before finally going on the run. It is only by chance that this incident did not lead to the victim losing his life, and Balint made significant efforts to evade capture, efforts which meant that he escaped justice for almost four months”.

Mr. Clarke also added “I would like to thank all those that came forward and assisted with this investigation, without members of the public assisting the police we would not be able to successfully bring this conviction against a dangerous man and potentially save anyone else from suffering harm at his hands”.

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