Man jailed after robbing and leaving victims unconscious

A man who robbed and left his victims unconscious has been jailed.

Mason Shaw of Spring Street, Oldham pleaded guilty to six counts of robbery. Also one count of theft from a person at an earlier hearing.

August 2017, he was sentenced to 8 years and 9 months in prison. With an extended licence of 5 years and 3 months at Manchester Crown Court.

Shaw has also been given a lifetime Criminal Behavioural Order. Preventing him from entering Manchester’s gay village.

In September 2016, police received their first report that Shaw had robbed a man in Oldham.

Between this incident in September and 10 December 2016, Shaw has committed a further six robberies. Targeting people predominately around Manchester’s gay village.

The court heard how Shaw would seek out people from this area. Isolating them from the crowd, before strangling them until they lost consciousness.

At this point he would rob them before leaving his victims to come around.

Detective Constable Barnett said: “Shaw has committed a number of robberies. Clearly targeting members of the gay community, brutally taking their possessions from them.”

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