Man raffles £845K manor for £2

A Lancashire-based man is raffling away his £845K manor to a public market for just £2.

Dunstan Low, 37, has chosen to put his Grade II manor on the market in a £2-per-ticket raffle. Low bought his Lancashire home, ‘Melling Manor’ – located near Bolton – for £435,000 in 2011.

The father-of-two spent £150,000 renovating the manor, with the process taking more than a year to complete.

The home went on the market two years ago after Low began to struggle with mortgage payments. This struggle was a consequence of the ‘huge downturn’ that his online marketing business took.

Home-hunters were impressed by the mansion but Low failed to find a buyer. He believes that many were deterred from buying the property as they are downsizing. Low also believes that home-hunters did not want to buy a listed property.

Rather than having the home taken by the bank, he decided to open a raffle.

The 37-year-old said when he first told people about his idea, people thought he was crazy. Many asked him “are you crazy, what are you doing?”.

Low added, “I had people contact me saying it was such a genius idea and they hope I beat the bank”.

Many believe that “so many people are out there in trouble but are just sat on their behind”. Those who have heard Low’s story think “it’s great to see someone do something about it”.

Melling Manor has: six bedrooms, a kitchen, a cinema room, a large garden and a six-car parking space. The manor also features a new kitchen and a new family bathroom. In addition to this, the manor also has a ballroom.

The raffle opened two months ago. In two months Low has sold 186,000 tickets. The raffle has drawn in people from around the world – with ticket-holders being sold to people in Australia, Italy and the US.

Low hopes to sell half a million tickets. If Low makes his target he will donate £25,000 to charity.

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Photo Credit: TheSunNews

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