Man sexually assaults sleeping girl on Manchester flight

A man has been found guilty of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old girl on a plane, whilst both the girl and his wife were sleeping next to him.

The assault occurred back in July, about 5 hours into a flight from Doha to Manchester Airport. The victim claims to have woken up to a “rubbing sensation”, before fleeing to the back of the aircraft in tears.

Speaking in court, the young girl had no doubt of the man’s intentions. “He knew exactly what he was doing and he wasn’t sleeping. He was looking at me, I saw he was looking at me”.

The perpetrator was 46-year-old Suman Das, from Qatar but on vacation in the UK.

It was a difficult and emotional trial, with no real evidence either way. Defending Das, Ellie Akhgar stated, “This was a very very long flight and this man is being scrutinised for fidgeting”.

Prosecutor Holly Holden argued, “In this case the victim has zero motivation to make a false claim. Her evidence has been consistent and credible throughout”.

Das’ wife stood by him throughout the trial proceedings, insisting she had complete faith in her husband’s version of events.

In the end Das was found guilty and granted conditional bail, pending sentence on 27 October.

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Photo credit: StelaDi

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