Man shouts “F*** the n*****s” outside Zena Stephens’ HQ’s

On Monday 29 February Beaumont police arrested a white male whilst questioning a handful of others at a West End home, just hours after an alleged racially-charged shooting of Jefferson County Sheriff candidate Zena Stephens, at the campaign headquarters.

Stephens revealed that she was standing outside her headquarters with a group of people in the 500 block of S. 11th Street when a white male, in a white jeep, pulled up before shouting “F*** the n*****s”. Just seconds later the man fired a shot in to a front window of the building, shattering the glass.

No one was hurt and no bullet was immediately discovered, although police believe that the weapon used may have been a pellet or Airsoft gun. Around 10.45pm police arrested a white male wearing a t-shirt and shorts outside a home inn the 8500 block of Newfield, also outside the home was an older-model white Jeep with the same license plate as the shooter’s.

The man was arrested on an unrelated charge and now police are set to continue questioning him, three other men and a woman were also taken in for questioning. Police confirmed that two firearms were found inside the Jeep but the suspect is yet to be identified. Property and vehicle records show that the Jeep and the home belong to two separate individuals.

Beaumont police have also confirmed that they believe the same suspect may have been behind more criminal activity on 11th Street that day, as a window was shot-out at the MetroPCS store near the College Street intersection. The incident happened around the same time as the shooting at Stephens campaign headquarters.

Deputy Constable for Precinct 1 in Jefferson County Joe ‘QB’ Stevenson has remarked “Its good that nobody was injured. Thank God that she and her campaign committee are safe. That’s senseless. That’s uncalled for”.

Ray Beck, who is the Republican running for Sheriff, said, “This is a real travesty. This should not happen in modern times. I am a personal friend of Zena’s and we are all glad that she and her friends and members of her campaign were not injured”.

TNT News Billy Rooney


Photo credit: Zena for Sheriff

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