Man Utd are making plans for when Jose Mourinho leaves club

According to Sky Sports reporter Michael Bridge, Manchester United are busy preparing a new structure that will see the manager have less of a say in transfers

The Portuguese was incensed as United failed to sign any of his centre-back targets over the summer. Mourinho followed it up by saying he should be described as United’s ‘head coach’ rather than manager.

Bridge now believes the club are eyeing up potential new faces to work as a director of football to oversee key off-field decisions.

“They are trying to move to a structural approach to transfers,” he told the Transfer Talk podcast.

“If you think back to Tottenham 10 years ago, they were signing players, the manager was getting two or three years.

“They wanted a structure in place so when the manager left it didn’t create a whole load of spending of good money after bad.

“When the manager left, the new manager wasn’t having to come in and say ‘I don’t want seven or eight of their players’ and having to sell them quickly for a reduced price, losing loads and loads of money.

“If you look at Manchester United, look at the value they are having from their transfers. Are they getting the kind of value they need from players? Are they even getting players in their prime.

“You look at Chelsea signing Hazard. Even if he goes in the next year they would have him from 20 to 27 and they will get a big fee.

“With Manchester United, when was the last player they made a significant profit on?

“I can’t think of any. Maybe Cristiano Ronaldo. They spent £13million on him and sold him for £80m and they had some very good years out of him.

“I don’t think they are getting that kind of player anymore. Fergie’s old school scouting network used to have lots out there.

“If they are trying to get new bodies into the background and if Mourinho does go they will start again and say the club are going to sign the players, the new manager, the new coach will come in and actually coach the players.”

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Photo Credit: Дмитрий Голубович

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