How to manage negative social media

As hard as you may try, keeping everyone happy is pretty much impossible. 

Due to the nature of social media, a negative message about your business can be seen by millions within a matter of seconds. 

When it comes to businesses, negative posts on social media can be detrimental if not handled in the correct way. 

Keep updated with social media

If you’re not on social media, you should be. For more information on this, you can our blogpost all about the reasons why you should embrace social media.

Social media is becoming one of the quickest ways to interact with businesses all over the world. For this reason, it is essential that you are regularly checking all forms of social media platforms. Its hard to make money on youtube without paying for views. One must consider all aspects of marketing and image to get the business booming with good reputation. 

Be quick to respond

Acknowledging a customer’s complaint in a quick and timely manner is crucial. When a complaint or negative post does not receive attention from yourselves, the customer feels like they are not valued.

Not only this, but other customers who may say the post online may similarly think that, as a company, you do not care about your customers.

Acknowledge your faults

Nobody can be perfect, we sometimes slip up and make mistakes. It is important to recognise this. Seeing the complaint from a customer’s point of view will allow you to see your flaws. Admit this, and your customer will feel at ease, and not like they are being ignored.

However, it is important to tackle abuse or derogatory content in an appropriate manner. If you see something that can be deemed offensive to those who read it, deleting the comment may be the best step to take. Alternatively, providing a rounded response from your company against the comment may also prove effective depending on the situation at hand.

Attempt to negotiate on a more individual basis

Trying to persuade the customer to talk about it further over email is very important. If this discussion takes place with a private form of communication, any backlash or evidence of the company’s fault will be handled without an audience.

On public forums or platforms for social media, other guests can interrupt the conversation and create an angrier, more negative, and even a more aggravated response from the customer.

Offer an apology and a solution

Saying sorry is sometimes not enough. Offering a solution to the customer’s issue will make them feel valued as it appears that you are going out of your way to maintain their business.

Keep updated

Regularly checking the channel of complaint is essential. Take every negative post as a learning curve on ways to constantly and consistently improve your business.

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