Manchester Academy students’ origami roses for bomb victims

Manchester Academy students have been busy making origami paper roses to commemorate the victims of Manchester terrorist attack.

Former Manchester Academy student Mohamed ‘Max’ Maxamed came up with the idea. He teamed up with the Rio Ferdinand Foundation’s Youth Leaders Programme to organise it.

Commenting on the project, Mohamed said: “I came up with the idea to make roses on red paper, where the names of all 22 victims are written. It was great to get the backing from the Rio Ferdinand Foundation, who helped me fund the project and get it off the ground.”

“It was quite nostalgic to come back to Manchester Academy to do the project here, as I left in 2015 so it was like coming back home seeing the students getting involved making the roses. Everyone has been fantastic and has really got behind the project.

Miss Knanom, RE Coordinator at Manchester Academy, supervised different classes from Years 7, 8 and 9 who took part throughout the day.

She said: “All the students who took part worked very hard – I’m very proud of all of them. They made a total of 163 roses, which is well over the 100 we were expecting, so that was a brilliant effort.”

Education with Character

The project is one of Manchester Academy’s ‘Education with Character’ initiatives, which aims to develop students’ learning beyond the classroom.

Year 9 student Bronwyn Bull said: “I felt proud to know I have done something to remember what happened on 22 May last year.”

Year 9 student Tamim Faizi said: “It’s a great idea, and I’m really glad I took part. It helped me to remember the people who passed away, as their names are all written inside the roses we made.”

Year 7 student Hannah Bashe said: “Having roses as a lasting memorial is a great way to remember the victims who died and respect what their families went through.”

Nikki Carlin, Programme Coordinator at the Rio Ferdinand Foundation, explained their ‘Youth Leaders Programme’ offers support to young people aged 14-25 to design, fundraise and deliver their own sports, arts or media projects.

Nikki said: “At the Rio Ferdinand Foundation, we were very proud to see Max return to his old school to lead his project and become a role model to the younger students.

“We would like to thank all the staff and students who took part at Manchester Academy.”

The roses were given out to the public by volunteers on the anniversary of the attack on 22 May.

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Photo Credit: Manchester Academy

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