Manchester Art Gallery: Therapeutic Gardens

In a bid to rid the city of its winter blues, Manchester Art Gallery is to soon open a therapeutic Sensory Garden for everyone to enjoy.

The area will have remedial sounds, sights and scents of the garden which curators say will “help you relax and enhance your wellbeing” in one of the few green spaces in the city centre.


“We will be working on it over the next few weeks, so pop by and say hello”, the gallery’s online administrators said.


The garden follows the well-received ‘River of Flowers’; a rooftop perennial garden which had bee-friendly plants and wildflowers in pallets and large tomato cans from the Manchester museum café. The gallery promises to be not only an urban garden of flowers and sights but a place where the art and nature find perfect partnerships to offer exactly what galleries where originally made for – therapy.


TNT News 

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