Manchester band creates revolutionary music video

Manchester band Shaking Chains has created a new revolutionary music video for their debut single Midnight Oil.

The Midnight Oil music video is very different to typical videos as it is ever-changing and never the same. Innovative and creative, the music video uses an algorithm to create a new music video for viewers each time.

Shaking Chains has been receiving much attention for their ‘dislocated’ music in recent months. Now they are receiving the same kind of attention for their ‘bizarre’ but ‘brilliant’ music video.

Short footage is pieced together as the band’s Midnight Oil track plays. Computer technology, known as “a machine”, creates the unique music videos. The idea was created by the band’s drummer, Jack Hardiker .

Hardiker said the machine “pulls clips from the internet based on search terms”. “It started with 600 [terms], based on the contents of the song”, Hardiker said. The music video is also a “reflection on society right now, warts and all.”

The new music video is all for ‘surrendering ownership over art’. Exploring music video-making in this way has allowed the band to respond to the way algorithms control modern life.

There are over 100 search terms used to create the video and they are constantly changing. The band is also beginning to introduce machine learning. That way the music video will work by itself and produce its own search terms.

The ‘fascinating’ video can be viewed from the video’s website. On the website, viewers are told “This film is just for you. Made by a machine, moments ago”.

“All life could be here, in a snapshot of this very moment. But as quickly as the film fades, the moment is lost”. New recordings are collected from the world’s ‘online archive’.

In future, it is hoped that the same kind of computer technology can be used to create films.

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Photo Credit: Shaking Chains – Topic

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