Manchester-based ImproQuo connects with Big Apple

Following the success of their free weekly ‘improv jams’, Director Eji Osigwe launched ImproQuo in October of 2015.

Their aim is to fill a gap in Manchester’s creative community for performance improvisation.
The young company have compiled an impressive programme of regular and guest teachers, from around the world. The most recent addition to the ImproQuo ‘roster’ is a weekend long ‘character to performance’ workshop with internationally renowned improvisation teacher, Michael J Gellman.

Gellman is Artistic Director of New York based Process Theatre and his experience includes teaching, directing and acting with some of the greatest performers, such as Steve Carrell, Tina Fey and Bill Murray.

Whilst commenting on what it will be like to teach in the UK, Gellman remarked, “After being introduced to ImproQuo in Chicago, we are very excited to be bringing creative community in the North West of England”.
Being able to offer a workshop to performers in and around Manchester and with such a prominent figure at the helm, ImproQuo presents a truly unique offering and a once in a lifetime opportunity for many.
With a range of workshops on the horizon, focusing on a variety of aspects of improv from voice to mask work, and with ties to the Big Apple already, the future looks bright and busy for the ImproQuo team.

Based from their headquarters at YARD Theatre in Manchester, ImproQuo offers a range of classes and workshops for beginners and the experienced, focusing on a range of different aspects of improv.

TNT Entertainment Billy Rooney


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