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Manchester beaten by Leicester for #1 sporting city

Manchester’s title of ‘Number 1 UK Sporting City of the Year’ has been stripped this year; leaving us in second place position.

In a study taken by the University of Gloucester and Bath for ESPN, Leicester was the winning city that knocked Manchester from the top spot.

Leicester’s ascend from 18th in the table last year to 1st place this year comes after Leicester City’s win in the Premiership last season, and the subsequent impact it has had on the city.

Leicester’s City mayor Sir Peter Soulsby said: “Leicester City’s success last season has given the whole city a huge boost, and that positivity is clearly reflected in this research. We’re obviously enormously proud of our football club, but Leicester is also home to one of England’s most successful rugby clubs, the country’s oldest basketball club, an ambitious cricket club, and a very successful women’s hockey club.

The study ranks 49 cities based on 12 factors – many of which, like atmosphere and match day experience, have been criticised for their subjectivity.

As impressive as Leicester’s Premiership win was, Manchester’s sheer level of sporting venues is worth remembering.
Our city has not only hosted the Commonwealth Games but also the Football and Rugby World Cups. Home to City and United, Manchester has 3 European Cups, 24 League titles and 17 FA Cups between the two renowned football teams.

Manchester also boasts the National Cycling Centre, Aquatics Centre, Squash Centre, Great City Games and the Great Manchester Run – offering a little bit of something for everyone.

With the Lancashire County Cricket Club as well as the National Football Museum – our city’s credentials are worthy of admiration.

Being the chosen city to hose Rio Olympics homecoming parade, will Manchester take back its crown as the Top UK Sporting City next year?

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