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Manchester carbon footprint


Greater Manchester has committed to helping tackle climate change and save lives across the globe.

Interim Mayor Tony Lloyd and Councillor Sue Derbyshire, chair of Greater Manchester’s Low Carbon Hub, have signed Europe’s new Integrated Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. Essentially, this means the city is making it clear that it will play a leading role in reducing carbon emissions.

It follows the COP21 climate summit in Paris earlier this month where Greater Manchester showcased innovations in tackling this global issue, such as the Greater Manchester Carbon Literacy Project which is aiming to educate residents to be carbon literate and take small steps to change.

Tony Lloyd, a keen supporter of environmental sustainability, said: “Greater Manchester needs to play its part and this covenant is merely the first step. By signing we commit to making climate change central to all of our policies, plans and strategies”.

Adding to this, Councillor Sue Derbyshire said, “We have recently conducted consultation on the Greater Manchester Climate Change and Low Emissions Implementation plan for the next five years. This asks the region’s business leaders and individuals to pledge their support and take direct action to achieving our 48 per cent reduction in emissions up to 2020.

Since 2009, more than 6,500 local authorities have already committed to the Covenant of Mayor’s 2020 CO2 reduction objective. As part of the Integrated Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, signatory cities pledge action to support implementation of the new 2030 EU targets.

By signing up to the Integrated Covenant of Mayors, the region will be part of Europe’s largest urban climate and energy initiative. The Covenant of Mayors encourages the use of a system of multi-level governance to tackle climate change, from the bottom up. It is European success story that has helped influence world leaders to agree to the momentous climate change agreement that took place last weekend at COP21 in Paris.

From flooding, heat stress and extreme weather events to the added burden on our health and emergency services, the new pledge by city leaders will make the changing climate a standing item on the city’s agenda, one that cannot be ignored or placed ‘on hold’.

Progress will be shared with the other signatory cities and, every second year; a progress report will be filed by all participating cities.

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Photo Credit: The Co-operative

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