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Manchester Carnival: Back and bigger than before

Alexandra Park was taken over this year by a whirlwind of colours, sounds and flavours created by the Caribbean Carnival of Manchester.

The troubles of years gone by had been overcome and thousands of people came from all over the UK to see what Manchester has to offer.

This year, TNT Growing Pains were watching the dancers on stage and showing off our own moves in the crowd with friends.

We spoke to members of Justflex dance team, who practiced their carnival routine for a year, told us, “We’ve been coming here for the past five years to support the carnival and celebrate our culture. Manchester’s definitely the best carnival and it’s all about keeping it alive!”

However members of Pure Elegance had mixed views, saying, “The organisation of the event could’ve been better, but we are excited about the day.”

One comment that we received was that the carnival wasn’t aimed enough towards teenagers and it could be better advertised with school and colleges. To solve this problem a young person from Manchester suggested that earlier in the day the focus of the carnival grounds should be on families, but towards the evening the aim should shift towards activities for young people. This would help the carnival attract a variety of people while still keeping the gates open to everyone.

In spite of this the carnival is still a great event to experience and many agree that the “great atmosphere” is one so unique to Manchester. See you next year!

TNT Growing Pains Ruby Fatimilehin and Anna Seifu

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