Manchester Central Constituency Labour Party

Last Thursday took place the first Manchester Central Constituency Labour meeting since the election of new leader Jeremy Corbyn. Needless to say, feelings were running high at the Town Hall, for various reasons.

As per the agenda, the session started with all members introducing themselves, and rapidly it was clear to see, the Corbyn new member’s attraction has indeed also affected our local constituencies. Since his election as Party leader, over 100 new members from Hulme, Moss Side and Central Manchester have come to join what has already been termed the Corbyn revolution.

The first subject of discussion naturally geared toward expressing the various feeling about the new leader. Very interesting opinions came out of the discussions, while a fair few made the point that they were still unsure to what extent the new leader, and his deputy, as two white middle age men will be able to rally the masses, particularly the youths.

It remains a challenge to see if the new leadership will be able to direct the party away from just a ‘protest party’, and while everyone is ready to be loyal to the new leader and want to trust him, the question of electability, and ability to contest the next general election, remains high on the agenda.

Away from internal discussion, the refugee crisis question made its way to the table. To which extend the central government is ready to fund the city’s effort, and how likely is it to affect our ability to resolve the homeless crisis currently striking the city?

Other more experienced members of the constituencies addressed the issue of the party’s ability to provide a platform for new members to get involved at local level.

Mary Murphy, retired city councilor from Hulme ward commented: ” It is important to think about providing ways for new members to take part in party’s life, particularly at local level”.

Indeed this aspect could prove critical in organising campaigns strong enough to rally a maximum number of people in the built up of next general election contest.

TNT News Julien Sueres

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