Manchester crams comedy in shortest month. You’re having a laugh!

Manchester has managed to ram a whole heap of comedy into just 28 days. As the best shows from last year’s Edinburgh Fringe festival tour the country, TNT picks the best for February in Manchester.

Eggs Collective

For three nights, the Eggs Collective (Sara Cocker, Lowri Evans and Leonie Higgins) are taking over Contact Theatre. Having done well at the Fringe last year, they are back in Manchester to deliver Rosé-soaked performances as part of Queer 2015. This energetic threesome brings an evening of intelligent satire, mirthful friendship dissections and a discovery of what it is to be kind. Their performance runs from 5-7 February at 9.30pm at The Contact Theatre with tickets selling for £13/7.

David Doherty

Declaring that he ‘Has Checked Everything’ with his latest show, Ireland’s David O’Doherty brings his musical musings to the Dancehouse Theatre as he sets off in the pursuit of happiness. It is an hour of meandering mindscape from O’Doherty.  With tickets up for £14/16, the performance begins at 8pm on 13 February at The Dancehouse Theatre in Manchester.

Rob Auton

More inclined towards abstract comedy, Rob Auton invites anybody who has a face, down to his show at The King’s Arms in Salford. This might at first sound like it is open to everyone, but Auton’s work is pretty much at the ‘cult’ end of the comedy field. A productive writer and performer, the Yorkshire-born comedian is a great creator of jokes, winning Dave’s Funniest Joke of the Fringe in 2013. This show is remarkably unique and will probably make you wonder how and why faces are made. It starts at 7.30pm on 19 February at The King’s Arms, Salford. Tickets are priced at £8/6.

To book tickets, contact the respective venues for more details and instructions on how to get hold of yours. Ah, February; not only the month of love but of gags too, it seems.

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