Manchester plays host to ‘ Money Show’s’ Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis was in Manchester’s Arndale Centre today offering a range of financial advice to the people of Manchester.

Many of the people who Martin advised wanted information about how to be savvier with their savings, in particular Martin was running a help-to-buy scheme on ISA’s whilst advising people on which ISA’s to buy regarding suitability for the individual. Martin told TNT “Most people want advice on savings, not just in Manchester but around the whole country, and you’d expect that in the relatively affluent cities”. Martin was also telling people about the government’s help to buy scheme and was advising people on which type of mortgage would be right for them.

Martin dispensed advice about which types of bank accounts and which types of credit cards could potentially benefit differing types of incomes. People also frequently asked Martin which banks were offering the best deals on giving out cash when opening a new account. A lot of people received advice on the best method of claiming back money on flight delays, after losing money as a result of Airline companies tampering with scheduled flights.

Lewis revealed that he had engaged with a diverse range of people throughout the day. First time buyers were present at ‘The Martin Lewis Money Road Show’ receiving advice on the best ways to access the property ladder. Martin also stated that he dealt with a human rights issue in the form a man who’s rent hadn’t been paid by the council. The former television presenter remarked that “People have tended to be more interested in receiving some advice on hardcore finances”, although he did reveal that some people sought advice on the best financial method to acquire luxuries, such as cars.

Surprisingly, Lewis told TNT that he was born in Withington Hospital and that he grew up on the outskirts of Manchester, in Cheshire. Martin stated, “We came here last year and Manchester is the best place to go, I would say that though, I’m biased, I’m a Manc and a City supporter, this is my hometown”. Martin will be debating the energy minister at a Conservative party conference fringe event tomorrow.

TNT News Billy Rooney

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