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Manchester pupils become “Junior PCSOs” to improve school road safety

Pupils from Manchester schools donned hi-vis jackets and learned to use speed detectors and CCTV technology, as they became ‘Junior PCSOs’ during National Road Safety Week.

Volunteer pupils met Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) to have their road safety questions answered.

They learned about the speed limit and the risks caused by speeding cars; what happens to people who are caught speeding and the dangers of crossing the road between parked cars.

Pupils were also taught about the impact on air quality caused by traffic congestion close to school buildings and playgrounds.

Participating schools will be running Junior PCSO schemes, with regular ongoing activities throughout the year. A citywide competition is being held to design the special hi-vis jackets which Junior PCSO’s will wear while on ‘duty’.

Jackie Murray, Family Support Worker at Webster Primary School, said: “The pupils are really excited to be taking part in the Junior PCSO activities, which are a great addition to our efforts to promote road safety to both the children and their parents.

“They learned a lot on the day and have also been creating posters and poems, providing messages to take home to parents about how we all have responsibilities when it comes to road safety.

“We’re also keen to improve our local air quality by proactively encouraging more parents and children to walk to school.”

The sessions were part of a range of activities held at schools across the city, with a focus on engaging with road safety issues with both pupils and their parents, with support from partners including Greater Manchester Police and Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, Bikeright! and Living Streets.

Thanks to Bikeright! children from participating schools are receiving ‘Bike Smart’ training. Through the training, children are taught the basic skills involved in cycling and earn certificates and badges by passing the course.

The benefits include helping children to become fitter and healthier, while also boosting their self-esteem, independence and understanding of the rules of the road.

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Photo Credit: Manchester City Council

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