Manchester renews 30 years of partnership with China

Manchester this week marked the 30th anniversary of its sister city relationship with the Chinese city of Wuhan by signing a new action plan renewing the relationship.

Deputy Secretary General of Wuhan City Liu Zhihui visited Manchester to sign the new action plan on Monday 11 July, which promises to extend existing business, cultural, and sporting ties.

Deputy Council leader Councillor Sue Murphy, who also signed the action plan, said: “I am delighted to welcome the Wuhan delegation to Manchester to renew our friendship, and we look forward to taking the message of what Manchester has to offer to Wuhan in a reciprocal visit later this year.”

A delegation of businessmen and schoolchildren, known as the ‘little diplomats’, also toured the city, stopping at Etihad Campus in East Manchester and the National Graphene Institute.

Cllr Murphy underlined the economic importance of the link with Wuhan, adding: “Our civic, cultural and business co-operation goes a long way back but as China takes its place as a major player on the world stage, the importance of such ties can only be reinforced”.

A photo exhibition of the partnership with Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province and the largest city in central China, is now on display in the Town Hall’s Sculpture Hall.

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