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Manchester schools ban the latest ‘fidget spinner’ craze

Schools in Manchester have banned the use of ‘fidget spinners’ in classrooms after claims they cause a distraction to learning.

Fidget spinners and cubes are the latest craze on the toy market, and are believed to relieve stress among pupils.

The ‘bottle flip challenge’ and Pokemon Go appear to have fallen behind the new spinners in the toy rankings.

The hand-held toys, which come in a range of colours and shapes, have also proved particularly beneficial to children with disorders such as ADHD.

Held simply between finger and thumb, the toy spins around in a strangely addictive fashion.

Children, as well as adults, are reportedly using them in attempts to stave off anxiety and in ‘spinning competitions’.

But some schools in the region have decided to ban the spinners after concerns over the classroom time they consume.

All Hallows RC High School in Salford is one of the schools to have done this.

The school sent out a text message to parents informing them of the new ban.

It read: “As from Wednesday 26 April fidget spinners are banned from All Hallows.

“They are a distraction to learning and can be dangerous. Any fidget spinners seen in school will be confiscated”.

The decision to ban the toys has since been questioned by some parents of children with learning difficulties.

Nikki Ashcroft, from Wigan, had recently bought a fidget spinner and cube for her 10-year-old son, who has ASD.

She told local media: “Now that they’re being banned in schools it means he will have to lose an aid that is extremely beneficial to him.

“It’s unfair if a child with special needs is now not allowed because others have them purely for enjoyment.”

Sale High School, along with others across the UK, has also reportedly informed parents of their intentions to ban the toys.

TNT Education

Photo Credit: Ashley Olson


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