Manchester Schools Rugby Tournament Success

Some of Manchester’s biggest Rugby League teams and governing bodies are driving plans for an intercity league to be created for schools in Manchester.

Rugby League has been an important part of school sport since 2002 with the creation of The Champion Schools Tournament. Hallmarked as the world’s largest Rugby League knockout competition, a record 27,537 secondary school students from a total of 1,678 teams across the country took part last year.

Due to the positive responses received from schools within the city, teams such as the RFL, Manchester Rangers, and Salford Red Devils Foundation believe that a league specifically designed for Manchester schools would help implement a permanent structure in the schools calendar.

Schools in Manchester have participated in the Champion Schools Tournament for over 5 years across all age groups. Manchester St Peters in particular have been extremely successful, having teams in every year group from year 7 up to year 11, with the girl’s teams being crowned national champions at various age groups.

Primary Rugby League is something that is also growing across the city. Schools currently play a lot of Tag Rugby through work carried out by the RFU.

The proposal is expected to be put forward in May and if successful could begin in September.


TNT Sport Luke Betts

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