Manchester Scientists’ £1.2million research for pancreatic cancer

Manchester scientists will receive £1.2million from Cancer Research UK to help develop the treatments for pancreatic cancer in the UK.

The charity is investing a total of £10million in the PRECISION-Panc project. PRECISION-Panc, aims to develop personalised treatments for pancreatic cancer patients.

Survival rates for pancreatic cancer have remained stubbornly low. Around 1,000 people are diagnosed with the disease every year in the North West. Sadly, on average 930 people die annually.

Scientists from the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute will work with experts at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust. They will also collaborate with researchers across the UK. Working together, the project is hoping to develop new treatments using a network of clinical trials.

A total of 658 patients will be recruited for three initial trials planned as part of this initiative.

At The University of Manchester, Professor Juan Valle, an expert medical oncologist based at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, said: “PRECISION Panc aims to transform how we treat pancreatic cancer by matching the right treatment to the right patient”.

Manchester researchers agree that the Precision programme will ensure discoveries from the lab rapidly reach patients. They are certain that data from clinical trials will feed back into research of the disease.

Cancer Research UK’s investment will support two of the three clinical trials, preclinical work, assay development and biomarker work. Cancer Research UK will also support molecular sequencing. The charity’s funding will provide overarching support though project management, funding staff, and a steering committee.

Dr Ian Walker, Cancer Research UK’s director of clinical research, said: “This ambitious project marks a new era for pancreatic cancer. Little progress has been made in outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients over the last 40 years, and we believe that PRECISION-Panc will reshape how we approach treatment development.

“Cancer Research UK is determined to streamline research, to find the right clinical trial for all pancreatic cancer patients and to ensure laboratory discoveries have patient benefit”.

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Photo Credit: Sive Finlay

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