Manchester students third day under siege – Update

Current status at the university:

The university is refusing access to other students who wish to show their solidarity for the demo, fearing this whole situation will get seriously out of hand, Ooops peeps too late.

The student protestors put out this message via their facebook page;

Currently the university is trying to stifle dissent by refusing access to our space. We want to show them that their students want and support this occupation- so much so that they’re camping outside! Come along to University Place and prepare to make some noise!

Other media agencies are now covering this protest as it gains more support and momentum, messages of support are pouring in,


“Since they won’t let us in to join the occupation, we’ve decided to camp outside!”

Last night three students camped outside in solidarity of the protest and have brought much needed publicity to this cause.

The university have finally agreed to let food into the protested and it is still unclear if they have withheld food and drink for the past three days while the students have been occupying the facilities.

Student are also alleging campus security is using forceful measures to keep other students from gaining access to the building and joining the demo.

The students however remain defiant and are demanding open access for other students to joint them in protest of the Tory party gaining a further 5 years at number 10.


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