Manchester to march against Boko Haram


Little has been made prevalent of the horrific massacres of innocent civilians that terrorist group Boko Haram is carrying out in West Africa. We don’t know about you, but we have not heard the slogan “Bring Back Our Girls” much recently. What about any wide media coverage or action about the 2,000 civilians feared dead, after two suspected suicide bombers attacked a Nigerian market last month; leaving scores of bodies strewn in bushes in Baga.

In any case, a an organised march in Manchester city centre beginning at 4pm on Saturday 7th February is to go ahead, and will involve a walk from St Peter Square to Piccadilly Gardens.

The aim of the walk is primarily to raise public awareness of the inhumane attacks being caused by the fundamentalist sect which attacks any people it believes uphold western education. “We want to inform the public about what’s going on. There hasn’t been much media coverage”, Naomi, an organiser behind the walk told TNT.

Perhaps the limited or lack of media coverage has been, for example the market attack, due to the coinciding of the massacre with “the Charlie Hebdo attacks”, she suggested.

“We want to bring back activism” on the topic and “educate people” about what we can do to help the victims and put an end to the attackers.

The initial meeting point will be at St Peters Square for 4pm, and then activists will head towards Piccadilly gardens where the vigil is expected to be until its end.

All are welcome.

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