Manchester to review housing allocation policy for most vulnerable

A major consultation began at the beginning of June to review the policy around rehousing people in social housing.

The consultation aims to ensure priority is given to those in the greatest need.

By law, the City Council must agree principles and rules around who qualifies to be put on the housing register and how they are prioritised to receive a social home.

Currently, and unlike many areas, Manchester allows anyone to put their name on the housing register, regardless of their need. There are currently around 15,000 households on the register.

Although Manchester has a higher proportion of social housing than other similar cities (more than 65,000 social rent homes, circa 30% of all housing stock in Manchester) demand is high across the city.

With fewer households leaving their tenancy than in previous years, it is estimated around 2,200 homes will be re-let in 2019/20.

The consultation will look to review the current housing allocation system to make sure available homes go to those with the greatest housing need, and to those who would benefit most, to ensure the best use is made of the social housing stock across the city.

Key to the consultation, the review will propose changes to who qualifies to join the social housing register and the priority level awarded to those accepted on to the register.

It is especially important that families and people in crisis, such as those facing homelessness, are given the support they need to enter a social home.

The consultation will run until 30 August 2019.

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Photo Credit: Alex Pepperhill

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