Manchester tops black market charts





It’s been uncovered by trading standards,that Manchester remains amongst the cities highlighted as having the biggest fake goods trade.

According to the statistics, Cheetham Hill in Manchester has the most worrying issue with fake branded clothing.
Birmingham and Newham (East London) also showed high figures.

A speaker on behalf of the Anti-Counterfeiting group has confirmed, “there is definitely a rise in counterfeit items on the UK market”.

Not only is this kind of trading illegal, it’s also been found to be having a damaging effect on legitimate businesses.

On top of this, purchasing fake goods can be extremely dangerous, since they don’t go through the required safety checks.

It seems that the current most popular goods to replicate are ‘Beats’ headphones and earphones by Dr Dre.

If the black market continues to flourish, honest people’s jobs could be at risk, as a result of the growing production and distribution of counterfeit goods.

What do you think of the findings? Have you purchased any counterfeit goods only for the reality to dawn on you afterwards? Are you for or against it?

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Picture credit: StockSnap

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