Manchester’s best tearooms and coffee shops

Tea, coffee, a brew. Whatever you call it, sometimes its all we need to wake up in the mornings  or after a long, hard day.

But if you’re in town and dying for a cuppa, why wait until you get home? There are plenty of glorious tearooms and coffee shops in Manchester you have to try. This week, we’re here to tell you which ones:

Pot Kettle Black

A ‘Coffee Evolution’ is what Pot Kettle Black – a stylish addition to Deansgate’s Barton Arcade – promises its customers. And this is precisely what it delivers. Valuing the quality of the individual beans over the quantity, the cafe imports its coffee from a different country each season.

Pot Kettle Black’s baristas are ever-ready to give you a detailed explanation of the process from plantation to cup. The extensive menu that comprises cappuccinos, macchiatos and many other such coffee concoctions. Constantly revitalising their menu with new coffee blends, Pot Kettle Black aims to keep hold of its regulars while attracting new customers and coffee-lovers alike.

Teacup Kitchen

The understated drinks menu reads ‘a proper tea experience’ and that’s exactly what you get. When Teacup Kitchen first began they specialised in loose leaf tea and a selection of cakes. Whilst they have expanded in recent years to accommodate a breakfast and hearty lunch menu, Teacup stays true to their origins with the vast array of deliciously unusual tea options.

From Teacup’s NQ brew, to red lychee to vanilla cacao – the selection is nothing short of divine. At Teacup, teas are brewed to the strength of your preference. With a triple sand timer that indicates the strength of your tea, and the providing of milk and sugar – Teacup Kitchen do not fail to deliver the ‘proper tea experience’ they promise.


With over 60 different varieties of tea on offer, LEAF hits the spot, however adventurous or humble your tea tastes may be. LEAF is born out of a love of tea and music. And with the variety of events that take place across the month within the space, that becomes clear.

Leaf stands by the motto that we are a nation of tea drinkers. They simply want us to enjoy more than just a builder’s brew. Their teas are  natural with virtually no artificial colourings, preservatives or flavourings. They only source the finest leaves to create the unique blends.

Evelyn’s Cafe and Bar

For a taste of the unusual try Evelyn’s cafe. The hot drinks available on the menu are sure to excite even the most adventurous diner.

Evelyn’s offer a blue latte, which is made using green and blue algae. It is a sight to behold and is sure to be a novel experience to many. Made with coconut milk, the blue latte is sweet and surprisingly light.

The charcoal latte is similarly appealing to the eye, and delivers the sweet and smooth taste to satisfy your caffeine cravings.

Have you visited any of the above? Or are there any other tearooms and cafe spots that you think deserve to be on this list? Let us know by commenting down below.

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Photo Credit: The Nubian Times

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