Manchester’s Christmas angels

Whilst most of us are enjoying a relaxing Christmas with our families, some are spending their time very differently.

Hard working individuals from the local police, hospital staff, carers and many other professions, continually keep us safe. All year round these people look after the people of the Manchester community. At Christmas time, they give up spending time with their own families to keep ours safe.

Deborah Hampton, from The Salvation Army’s Central North division told TNT about what they’ll be up to at Christmas time:

“We offer support to some of the most vulnerable people throughout the year and Christmas is no different.

“Many of our Corps work with social services to ensure the most in need children receive a present to open on Christmas Day”.

Another group of people who will be hard at work again this Christmas time are The Village Angels. They are a group of dedicated volunteers who work late nights and early mornings keeping Manchester’s Gay Village safe.

“Christmas and New Year is a time that definitely proves how much the service is needed. The volunteers will be out in all weathers throughout the busy Christmas and New Year Period, and have a lot of experience dealing with every possible situation the Village can provide”.

Whilst you enjoy the festivities this year, remember to appreciate Manchester’s Christmas angels and their inspirational work.

If you’d like to do your bit, there are all sorts of ways you can help in your local community. This could be as easy as giving up an hour of your Christmas morning to volunteer at a homeless shelter.

TNT wishes all our readers a safe and happy Christmas.

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Photo Credit: jill111

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