Manchester’s elderly encouraged to join in mayoral election

The elder people of Greater Manchester are being encouraged to join in with Manchester’s upcoming mayoral election.

The elder community of Greater Manchester are being encouraged to deliver their message to the Greater Manchester mayoral candidates. The Greater Manchester Older Peoples Network (GMOPN) has organised a mayoral hustings event which will take place on 28 March 2017.

The GMOPN has drafted key messages and will present them to the mayoral candidates. They are being given an exciting opportunity to shape the future of the city.

The network has also released two films documenting their questions, requests and ideas. Questions will focus on major issues including health, transport, homes and democracy.

The short films were made by members of the GMOPN. Members of the network are also featured in the films. They discuss their views and hopes for Greater Manchester; a Manchester which they hope is age friendly.

The scale of the task of uniting the 10 districts of Greater Manchester was also highlighted as a concern. Marie Douglas of Rochdale said she was concerned about making Greater Manchester more inclusive.

Douglas said people need to feel like they belong to Greater Manchester. She said, “This feeling of belonging” is “not really promoted”.

Many feel that this issue can be tackled if there is a commitment to involve communities. Pam Coleman appealed to candidates and asked them to “work at the grassroots”.

The mayoral hustings organised is a great opportunity for the older community to engage with local MPs.

The hustings event will take place at Cross Street Chapel in Manchester city centre.

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Photo Credit: Macc Manchester

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