Manchester’s Got Talent III bows out with a bang

Manchester’s biggest annual community talent showcase – Manchester’s Got Talent (MGT) – bowed out with a bang when it gave the city what may be its final ever show, on 5 August.

With no funding confirmed for next year, MGT’s founder Akeim Mundell made sure that the final show was the biggest and most successful yet.

The free event hosted an array of talent from various age groups, with the audience’s seats at Manchester Metropolitan University’s New Birley Fields Campus all filled.

A platform for members of the community to shine and showcase their talent, MGT also enables families to come along and enjoy the event at no cost.

Established back in 2014 to showcase the vast pool of talent the city has, MGT has been running for the past 3 years on limited funds; with Akeim having to rely on self-funding means to keep the popular show afloat for the community.

With over 400 attendees, this year’s MGT was “a massive success. There was a queue outside of guests who were not allowed in” as the venue’s capacity was full, an hour into the show.

“This is the vision that I had for Manchester’s Got Talent when I came up with the idea in 2014. I had the vision of each year’s event stepping up and being bigger and better”, Akeim said.

Akeim confirmed that members of Simon Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) even attended the event “To scout acts for the BGT show. After the show, they asked for details from a handful of the acts which was great! Since the show, the feedback has been brilliant – from both our own Manchester residents and from guests who travelled from other cities to attend”.

Although Akeim cites that “people have already got in contact; asking to be involved in next year’s Manchester’s Got Talent IV”, there is still nothing confirmed in regards to funding.

This year’s MGT featured a lot of home-grown talent; from Tayo Weeks and Angeli Sweeney to Shane Danino, Kronic and a variety of singers, dancers and poets.

All of MGT’s raffle proceeds on the night were donated to Feed Manchester – a nonprofit organisation which takes action to reduce poverty by providing daily food runs for the homeless in Manchester’s city centre.

Although this year’s event had a list of sponsors which included The Nubian Times, Manchester Metropolitan University, Blacka Acoustics and Manchester City Council, to name a few, MGT will certainly require concrete funding if it is to return next year.

“If you believe that Manchester’s Got Talent is needed in our city and would like to sponsor the event in order for it to go ahead next year, contact Akeim Mundell on:”, Akeim appeals.

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Photo Credit: The Nubian Times and Mark Campbell

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