Manchester’s residents to host ‘micro-festivals’

Manchester’s residents are to host ‘micro-festivals’ in their homes.

Manchester International Festival (MIF) have made an announced. As part of next year’s project, entertainers will peform in residential homes.

The new project, Festival In My House will see artists and musicians will perform for audiences is pre- selected homes.

Local residents will support the project with ideas.

Essentially, the Manchester community is being given the power to plan and design their own city’s festival. This direct involvement is what will make Manchester’s International Festival truly unique.

One ‘micro-festival’

A house in Cheetham Hill will host the diverse music and food celebration. A considerable amount of diverse cultures will be seen throughout the event. In Levenshulme, a house will host a Mehndi event, celebrating South Asian art work.

The line-up for the main festival currently includes a catwalk style parade in Piccadilly Gardens and a theatre show.

The International festival takes place from Jun – Jul 2017.

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Photo Credit: Andy Miah

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