Manchester’s waterways stalked by a serial killer?

The father of 18-year-old murder victim Souvik Pal, whose body was found in a canal, has claimed that his son’s death could be linked to a serial killer known as ‘The Pusher’.

Former Manchester Metropolitan University design student Souvik was dubiously found dead in the Bridgewater Canal around 50 yards away from a Warehouse Project Dance night on New Years Eve of 2012, he was thrown out by door staff after jumping a queue for toilets.

CCTV footage capturing Souvik with an enigmatic man emerged shortly after the tragic night, and his father believes that the mysterious man caught on film should be held responsible for his son’s death. Souvik’s death is one of 85 waterway deaths in Greater Manchester since 2008.

This alarming number of deaths have led to claims that a serial killer dubbed ‘The Pusher’ could be stalking the city’s waterways, however these claims have been repeatedly denied by police. Claims that a serial killer was on the loose surfaced around a year ago and Professor Craig Jackson endorsed them, by saying that it was “unlikely that such a high number of cases are the result of just accidents or suicides”.

Now, Souvik’s father has told a new documentary titled ‘Manchester’s Serial Killer’ that his son could be among the victims of ‘The Pusher’. Mr. Pal said, “It needs to be investigated to find out if there is really a serial killer in this case. There must be involvement of a third party. That could be a straight case or that could be a serial killer”.

The parents of 21-year-old student David Plunkett, who was found dead in Manchester’s Ship Canal in 2012, have dismissed police claims that their son’s death was an accident. They insist that they heard “screaming and howling” in the last phone call he made before his tragic death.

Moreover, the mother of trainee sports teacher Nathan Tomlinson, who was found dead in the River Irwell two months after a Christmas celebration, also believes that his death was suspicious as his coat, phone, passport and wallet were all missing.

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photo credit: David Dixon

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