Manchester’s ‘We Tell You’ perceptions event

We Tell You is a unique peer research project looking at the mental health of young black men and what helps and what hurts their wellbeing and mind health.

The project trained a group of young peer community researchers from Manchester to talk to young black men aged 13 – 25 from across the city.

Primarily the research was centred around discovering the ways in which individuals support themselves, each other and where young men go to seek help and support when they need it most.

On Thursday 22 September, We Tell You project is hosting their findings at their event – ‘Perceptions: What Hurts What Helps’. From 5-7pm, the event will be at MMU Birley Fields Campus.

The peers’ research will share these insights and point to the kind of support that could be provided to address these needs.

To find out more about the results of their 3-years of research, head over to We Tell You’s community dissemination event next Thursday.

The event is a unique opportunity for the group to share the perceptions and voices entrusted to them by the community.

There will also be information stalls, refreshments and interactive activities as well as entertainment before and after the more formal part of the event.

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Photo Credit: We Tell You – Google Maps

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