Manjaros helps boost local recruitment

To live well, is to eat well. To eat well is to eat Manjaros.

Situated on the heart of the ever-bustling Curry Mile strip is Manchester’s new restaurant Manjaros. Boasting a fusion of ‘African cuisine and Caribbean delights’.  Manjaros also draws inspiration from a plethora of culinary favourites from around the world.

With an emblem of a tropical-coloured chicken.  The restaurant’s dishes transport you to various destinations without taking you from your seat. From Caribbean Lamb Curry, Vegetarian Rasta Rice, Italian style pizzas and Bolognese to burgers. With Mediterranean hummus and toasted nachos, this joint has something for everyone.

The establishment’s recent arrival, along with its assorted cuisine, is timely in Manchester – a city known for unity and embracing different cultures. The restaurant’s large glass panes allow natural daylight to flood into the room throughout the day, creating an airy atmosphere.

The dark oak wooden furniture, cathedral lighting, exposed sandy brick walls and classic royal mirrors create a quirky balance of classy clean ambience with antique elegance.

As the food was brought to our table from the open-plan kitchen, what was immediately evident was the generous portions of each dish. First was the Mushroom Topped Parmesan – one of Manjaros’ speciality dishes. This is deep fried bread-crumbed chicken breast, topped with a creamy béchamel sauce and cheese then lightly grilled. It looks like well-stuffed pizza but it isn’t. Served with gourmet fries and salad, this dish does what it says on the menu – satiates with light flavours and a creamy aftertaste.

Not like Nandos

Manjaros is not like any other restaurant. However the closest resemblance it has with any other outlet is Nandos. But it is definitely more than Nandos! The Waka Waka Chicken is perhaps the closest similarity to Nandos in regard to both texture of meat and flavour of sauce. The portion is large, flavours tantalising and the combination with salad and steak chips is a welcome mix.

The Hot Shot Chicken Parmesan with chilli flakes, green chillies, onions, red peppers and mushrooms is yet another exhibition of Manjaros’ versatility. Its ingredients give a subtle blend of Mediterranean flavours that a complimented with Manjaros’ original sauce – one of their three sauces. Also on offer are the Sizzler and Garlic Mayo sauces; their very own unique sauces.

Lastly were the Caribbean King Prawns sautéed with chilli garlic and lemon butter served with pilau rice garnished with fresh coriander. Although the rice was slightly overcooked, the salad underdressed, the prawns were succulent and richly flavoured. To say that a mini carnival was underway in my mouth, is an understatement. This was the winner.

If our visit is anything to go by, then know that Manjaros is here to stay, and rightly so. It delivers where Nandos doesn’t and encourages diversity not only in its food but also its staff. Branch manager Deep told TNT about how Manjaros recruits from within the local area of Moss Side, Fallowfield and Rusholme. The company is boosting the local area’s choice of cuisine and job opportunities whilst providing a pleasant local socialising hotspot.

The inviting atmosphere created by the decor, smiley waitresses and friendly staff, all make for an enjoyable experience. TNT departed happy, relaxed and most importantly, full to the brim with tasty food.

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